Month Ten Recap

Where We’ve Been

Ubud, Bali.

The Highs

  • Successfully extending our tourist visa so we could enjoy a second month in beautiful Bali.
  • Living with nature.  Our mostly outdoor home is a veritable ecosystem in itself, occupied by dragonflies, geckos, lizards, snakes, cats, birds, bats, butterflies, frogs, three distinct types of ants, and two humans who foolishly walk around as though they own the place.
  • Taking a day trip to enjoy the more well known side of Bali – the pristine beaches.  Though we’re not beach bums, it was nice to swim in the ocean for a change.
  • Hosting Charles and Amy, the couple we befriended in New Zealand when we were passing through Auckland.  It’s good to see familiar faces around the world.

The Lows

  • Making my eyes cross from excessive travel planning.  On the plus side, I do have our plans sorted out pretty much through late May, but it took several hours of researching visa requirements and cross referencing flight prices to get there.
  • Frequently smelling durian.  The smell is pungent, and once you can identify the smell it seems like it’s everywhere.  Ick.

Things I’ve Learned

Don’t cheap out when you’re getting a massage.  I went to a place earlier this week where the woman was literally texting with one hand while rubbing oil on me with the other.  I learned my lesson – even in Bali $6 might be too cheap for a massage.  Best to “splurge” on the $12 variety.

In Central and South America, it’s offensive for people from the US to call themselves Americans. (Everyone in North, South and Central America is an American.  It would be like the French deciding only they could be called Europeans.)  But around here, saying you are from the US is apparently very strange and confusing.   Its a weird quirk, but we’re slowly re-learning to call ourselves Americans again (at least while we’re in Asia.)

What’s Up Next

In March we’ll be in Singapore, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

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