Snorkeling at the Blue Lagoon

Living in Ubud, surrounded by rice fields and distant volcanoes, has fooled me into forgetting we live on an island.  It seemed to me that after a month in Bali we ought to finally visit the beach.  So we did.

Bali is perhaps best known for it’s party beaches in the south, but there are also lovely, more isolated beaches to the east.  We chose to avoid the Australian partygoers and instead  visit Padang Bai, a small beach town where most people catch ferries to remote islands

We whizzed through the gorgeous scenery and bustling traffic on our motorbike, made a quick stop to check out another famous temple along the way, and in a little over 90 minutes, we were enjoying a meal oceanfront.

The Blue Lagoon beach in Padang Bai is public, and two restaurants make a tidy business renting out lounge chairs and snorkel equipment.  Slathered  in SPF 50 we ventured into the water to snorkel, pleasantly surprised by the brilliant variations of fish just below the surface.  I did my best to “be with the fish.”

Our initial plan had been to spend the night here and visit another beach in the morning, but after looking at a few rooms we realized that our home in Ubud is far better than any beach resort could be.  So when we were finished with the ocean, we went home and had a swim in our pool.

It was a quick beach trip, to be sure, but that’s how we like it.  Short, sweet, and sunburn free.

[...] could be expected, the beach of the blue lagoon was beautiful and even had lovely snorkeling.  But when the usual sensation of being sweaty, sandy and hot [...]

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