Month Two Recap

Boston, June 2012

Where We’ve Been

Colorado and Massachusetts.  This month was dominated by two big weddings – the maid of honor and best man from our wedding both got married this month.  (Not to one another, of course. :))  John and I were heavily involved and very emotionally invested in each set of nuptials, which is a pretty awesome space to be in.

The Highs

  • My sister’s wedding in Evergreen, Colorado.  What a gorgeous and fun event – and I gave a kick-ass toast (if I do say so myself.)
  • House sitting for family.  We had excellent places to stay, our choice of four kitties to pet, beautiful backyards to sit in, and use of an awesome espresso machine.  Pretty choice digs for being homeless nomads.
  • Photographing my first Bat Mitzvah.  So much dancing!
  • Meeting awesome people at the wedding in Cape Cod, and getting to toodle around Boston for a day.

The Lows

  • Having a root canal on my birthday.  Not as bad as you might think, but not the ideal way to celebrate another year.
  • A wrist injury that has kept me from practicing yoga most of the month.  Hopefully this will be sorted out before we leave in July.

Things I’ve Learned

I cannot party like a frat boy.  I think for about 25 minutes in college this was true, but it certainly isn’t true now.  While we totally enjoyed meeting people and celebrating in Cape Cod, we just couldn’t hang with the all day parties for the entire week.  Next time I should probably just own my “old-and-crotchety” status and opt out of staying with all the cool kids.  (This rule applies to staying in international youth hostels as well.)

I still have a To Do List.  For a moment I convinced myself that we had everything handled for the international part of our trip.  Not so.  There is still quite a list of things to tackle in July – insurance, setting up phone numbers, and a short list of details yet to sort out.  I have faith that I can get through it in time, though.

What’s Up Next

For the first week of July we are volunteering at a camp for kids with cancer outside of Vail, Colorado.  When we get back we have a smattering of plans before we leave the country on July 26th – first stop Cuba!

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