We spent an entire week on Cape Cod and I didn’t take a single photo.  True story.

We dedicated our week to hanging out at an estate in Truro with about 20 other people, spending most of the time at the house itself being social and celebrating the wedding we were there to attend.  We only really escaped the property once or twice for short walks, and for a trip to the dentist, none of which was photo worthy.  So our trip to the cape is completely undocumented.

However, we squeezed in a quick one day visit to Boston on our way back to Colorado, so I at least managed to nab a few shots as we wandered the city.

It was a super rainy day in Boston, but when the sun peeked out for a few hours we walked the Freedom Trail for a short while to see some of the sights.  The trail is marked right out on the sidewalks and roads in a brick line, which we followed like tourists through the streets.

The clearest part of the day – right as we visited the State House.

We borrowed our host’s huge golf umbrella to protect us from the rain.  When the sun came out, John wore it like a samurai sword on his back.  It may have been the highlight of his day.


We managed to walk up to Harvard as well, but the rain kept me from taking out my camera during that jaunt.  That was about all we could cram into 24 hours – what a quick trip!  I guess we’ll have to visit Boston again.  :)


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