Sarongs and Other Garb

John has gotten on board with Balinese clothing.  In fact, I dare say he loves it.  Not since Peru has he stocked up on so much local fashion.  While the items he nabbed in Peru were meant to keep him warm in the freezing temperatures, the clothes in Bali serve the opposite purpose – they are lightweight and comfortable to wear in the tropical heat.

He’s bought a number of clothing items while we’ve been in Ubud, some of which will be staying on as regulars in his travel wardrobe.  I did veto one or two items that he purchased (namely a linen shirt with a bright colored pattern I found to be horrific), but overall I think he looks good in tropical wear.  I made him model a few favorites for photos.

Left:  A blue silk sarong with red sash, which is required wear for entering temples here.  John likes to wear this one around our house.  A lot.

Center:  The tourist favorite Bintang Beer t-shirt.  Not traditional Balinese, but, you know, local.

Right:  White linen shirt with purple linen cropped fold-over-and-tie pants (Bali’s version of Thai fisherman pants.)  The added bonus for these pants is that they don’t have to be long enough for his tall guy legs.

Seeing as lightweight clothing will surely still be helpful for our next few months in Southeast Asia, I’ve also bought a thing or two here in Bali.  I have my own linen pants and a silk dress similar in pattern to John’s sarong (though it’s a different color), and I got a cheap pink cotton sarong that’s not as fancy as the silk ones.  Don’t expect to see any photos of my stuff, though – I don’t find modeling as much fun as John does.  I’m more of a behind the lens kinda girl.  But I’m pretty sure you knew that already.

[...] goes to them–turns out I look pretty good in Balinese garb, and enjoyed putting on a small fashion show for Tracy. [...]

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