Sacred Monkey Forest

We have been to many, many places that claim to offer monkey sightings for tourists.  Usually what they have to offer is the possibility of seeing a monkey, from a distance, up in a tree somewhere.  If you’re lucky.  The Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud is about as far from that as it gets.

In this designated monkey sanctuary, the monkeys are allowed to roam freely.  Tourists wander through the paths, offering them food and taking their photos.  Since the monkeys have become so used to having humans around, they let you get really close to them – even when they have their young with them.  The space is massive, so they could hide if they wanted to, but these monkeys know where the free snacks come from.Don’t you think this guy looks guilty eating this coconut?  Busted.
There is a lot of grooming going on in this park.  They are very meticulous, and seem to enjoy the process.  This monkey seems pretty chill about it, that’s for sure.These monkeys are not starving, I can tell you that.  In addition to the bananas the tourists buy to feed them, there are sweet potatoes, yucca and coconut spread around all over for them.  It’s a veritable monkey buffet.Small baby monkey!

This little guy made friends with John, but I think he was just looking for snacks in his bag.  Luckily we knew not to have any food with us, so he didn’t get too aggressive.  He hopped off John’s back quickly enough.In addition to the cute little monkeys, the sanctuary is full of temples, statues, and beautiful nature.  There are temples all over the place in Ubud, so I suppose it’s only fair that the monkeys have one to roam around in, too.Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil…There’s a river rushing through the park, surrounded by loads of trees with vines hanging everywhere.  I think this place is monkey paradise.

And in keeping with the theme from yesterday, here are our faces.  We couldn’t get one with a monkey in it.

paul - April 9, 2013 - 4:08 pm



W O W.

Did you meet any past or future relatives?

w o w.

[...] You bet that I sat idly long enough to take in the experience. [...]

[...]  The food, the culture, the people, the housing, the monkeys…it’s all [...]

Lauren - January 26, 2013 - 4:55 am

Cute picture! I think Graham wants to move to the monkey sanctuary and eat free snacks all day. As you can see, his belly needs more snacks. :)

Robin - January 26, 2013 - 4:20 am

Once again Tracy you never disappoint with your fabulous photos. I think your monkeys are even cuter than the monkeys here in Nicaragua. But John, why do you look so terrified?? Bali is definitely moving up on my list for next year’s travels. Thanks.

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