Month Nine Recap

Where We’ve Been

Sydney and Katoomba in Australia, and Ubud in Indonesia

The Highs

  • Watching the fireworks on New Year’s Eve at Sydney Harbor.  It was a truly incredible experience.
  • Bali.  The food, the culture, the people, the housing, the monkeys…it’s all fantastic.
  • Pain free yoga.  For the first time in over a year, I’m able to practice yoga without any wrist pain.  This is a huge win for me.  After countless attempts at finding a cure, I guess the combination of an acupuncturist in Guatemala and a break from yoga while traveling around New Zealand finally did the trick.
  • Feeling presentable again.  After getting a facial and a haircut and buying a pretty Balinese dress, I feel less like a dirty backpacker for the first time in months.  Note that I said less (it’s an uphill battle.)

The Lows

  • Device failures.  My Kindle and John’s Nook died within hours of each other (his from some sort of battery issue, mine from a cracked screen.)  So we are now sadly without any reading devices – though we are working on getting this fixed.  Also, my Quickbooks decided to epically crash, deleting all of my business accounting for the entire year of 2012.  I had to recreate the whole thing from scratch for my taxes.  Thankfully, this year was far quieter than most because we have been traveling, but it still was not a fun task.
  • Getting sick after our crazy travel day from Sydney to Ubud.  We both caught a cold that kept us housebound for about a week when we first got here, which wasn’t much fun.  At least it wasn’t like the black bean incident in Peru…

Things I’ve Learned

John learned how to ride a motorbike this month (I’m still not ready.)

Time zones are difficult.  Trying to figure out what time to call people in the US in various time zones makes me a little crazy.  But it’s worth doing the math to get to make the calls.

After looking through images from the past six months, I’ve learned that we need to take more photos of ourselves while we are traveling.  I may not want to see my face in front of every landmark we visit, but we do need to have some images of the two of us doing stuff that we can look back on when it’s all over.

What’s Up Next

So long as there is no issue with extending our visa, we’ll be in Indonesia!

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