Sydney Opera House

If John and I had been given the option, we wouldn’t have toured the Sydney Opera House.  We would have looked at one another, thought for a bit, and decided that seeing it from the outside was as good as going in.  We would have been wrong.

So its a good thing Tatiana didn’t ask us if we wanted to tour the opera house, she just took us there.  We arrived at the Sydney Opera House sweaty and out of breath, having just run across the harbor to catch our scheduled tour.

John and I didn’t know this was why we were running, actually.  We just followed Tatiana when she told us we had to go faster and ran after her down the tourist filled sidewalk. I’ve never run more like a girl – wearing a skirt, trying not to trip over my flip flops, and carrying my blue bag in front of me with one hand so the weight of my SLR camera wouldn’t slam into me with every step.  John said he felt like a crazy man chasing after two women in the street, and worried that the people we passed would think we were running away from him.  From all angles, it was probably an odd sight.  At least no one tackled John to save us poor, girly runners.You can see a much of the beauty of the opera house from the outside, this is true.  And it is pretty beautiful, in all of it’s blindingly white glory.But the inside is far more interesting than I thought it would be.  Architecturally, it feels like you are stepping back into the 1970s when you enter the building.  Which is fair, since it was built in the 70s.You cannot photograph the insides of the theaters themselves for a number of reasons, which is a shame because they were the coolest part.  The seats look like the 1970s version of space age chairs, complete with bright orange foam cushions.  The cushions make sitting in the theater incredibly comfortable, but they also aid the acoustics.  The cushions absorb as much sound as a human body would, meaning that an orchestra playing to a crowd of two people will sound the same acoustically to one playing to a full house.
The copious leg room between rows was impressive, too.  John could easily sit through hours of ballet in one of those rows (unlike most theaters, in which his knees are pressed into the seat back in front of him.)
Speaking of hours of ballet, we missed seeing The Nutcracker ballet this year with my family.  It was showing at the opera house, but we missed it by two days.  Bummer.  I bet it would have been cool to see a performance there.I found it almost hard to stop taking photos of the opera house.  It’s such an iconic building that I know someone has gotten 50 better shots of it than I ever could…and yet…just one more…

I’m very glad Tatiana had the foresight to take us on the tour.  It was worth the quick jog, for sure.  Forgive me for the excessive imagery, but it’s a gorgeous building.

Or on the flip side – if you’re never planning to visit Sydney and are living vicariously through photos – you’re welcome for the tour.

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