Fox Glacier

When we travel, John and I tend to split up tasks.  I am usually the planner, and John usually runs ground ops.  That basically means that I do all the pre-research about where we are visiting, decide on what’s worth seeing and how to get there, and try and learn what I can about prices and such in advance.  John goes into action when we arrive at our location, finding us places to stay, talking to cab drivers, getting money, etc.  So I felt rather remiss in my duties when we discovered our misstep at Franz Josef.  Fortunately, Fox Glacier was only a 40 minute shuttle ride away, and our dream of walking on a glacier was not dashed for long.

Like the Franz Josef Glacier, Fox Glacier is surrounded by rainforest and waterfalls.In the above photos it probably doesn’t look that impressive, but this glacier is huge.  Look at the photo below – can you find the people?  That will give you a sense of scale.  It’s large.Intrepid Ice Explorers!  Who look like they’ve borrowed their dad’s rain gear!  Yes, we look puffy and our jackets are oversized (the tour company provided our gear for us.)  But we’re walking on ice, man, cut us a break!Look, everyone else is wearing it, too.  And our guide up front has a pick axe that he’s using to cut the path for us.  As the Kiwis say “Sweet as!”  (I’m not sure I used that correctly…)I think the cloudy fogginess makes the ice seem more mysterious and awesome, much like at Tikal.The ice in this crevasse is really that blue.  No Photoshop color enhancement.Hike a glacier has now been checked off our list…nice.

Nancy Larson - January 29, 2013 - 8:57 am

Wow…… spectacular!!
You guys are so brave…..

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