Lauren + Ben – Married!

There is something amazing about photographing a small wedding.  Somehow it’s different than weddings with 200 or more guests, where you can easily blend in and go virtually unnoticed.  But small weddings just feel different.  At a small wedding, you know that every guest there was hand selected to witness this important moment, and that you are likely the only one that doesn’t know the bride and groom on a very personal level.

With only 35 guests in attendance, Lauren and Ben were married this past Saturday at the Ritz Carlton in Downtown Denver.  The ceremony was short and sweet, the reception intimate and lively.  And even though I hadn’t met the couple until a few hours before their ceremony, I felt honored to be present for such a private and emotional day.

Many thanks to Krista of Artessa Photography for bringing me along to second shoot this wedding.  Congratulations Lauren and Ben!

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