Colleen + Geoff – Married!

These two were so laid-back and fun, it was awesome photographing them at St. Margaret’s and Windows Off Washington.  I think it was obvious to everyone there that these two are totally in love – if for no other reason than that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.  I came into the day thinking I would take fewer kissing photos this week, but they were constantly smooching!  It was very sweet.  I think everyone had a great time.  See some favorites above.  Thanks to my lovely second shooter, Christine, for her fantastic images (a few of which are above) and congrats to Geoff and Colleen!

Lizzie & Tom – Married!

They may have gotten the worst weather of the weekend, but Lizzie and Tom were still smiling all day last Friday for their wedding.  The ceremony was supposed to happen out on the front lawn, but some crazy rain storms moved it inside to the chapel.  Regardless, the bride and groom were in great spirits, and everyone was completely willing to brave a little rain for the sake of portraits.  It was a really fun wedding to photograph – everyone was incredibly friendly and seemed to be having a fantastic time.  A few of my favorites from the day are above.  Congrats guys!

Tricia & Jon Engagements

Tricia and Jon chose Francis Park for their engagement portraits today because they used to walk around it in the early mornings back when they were becoming friends.   Now they are getting married, and I will be photographing their wedding in October.  These guys were only the second couple I’ve ever had that began carrying on conversations each time I told them to look at one another (most people just laugh or make weird faces!)  They are both exceptionally nice, and we had a great time wandering around.  I did make them kiss a lot for photos, which caused Tricia to exclaim at the end of our session “Now I don’t have to kiss you again for like a week!”  Sorry Jon!

Robin & Walter Engagement

Robin and Walter are getting married in October, so we headed out today to take some engagement photos at Union Station.  The weather was beautiful (I can only hope that spring is finally here!)  These two couldn’t stop laughing when I asked them to look at one another, which I always love.  You can’t take yourself too seriously.  Thanks to these two for shooting with me today – here are some of my favorites from their session.

Kids Gallery

I keep getting questions about whether or not I photograph children – the answer is YES!  I love photographing babies and kids!  So I finally got around to putting a mini-gallery of kids photos on the website.  I don’t shoot in the studio (nothing interesting ever happens in a studio).  Instead, I do lifestyle portraits, photographing you and your family wherever you feel comfortable and getting a more natural portrait.  They are a lot more fun, and far more relaxed.  Plus, I’ll never make your kid sit in a pot or wear a boa. :)