Ashley + Adam Engagement

Ashley and Adam were so much fun to photograph this Sunday at the Delmar Loop.  I’ve never shot an engagement portrait there before, but it was the perfect setting for these two.  We got a few inquisitive glances from people who were wandering about (particularly as Adam was dipping Ashley in the street), and I think someone even cheered them on at one point as they were smooching.  But these two were not camera shy, which made it really easy to get great photos.  They are in the process of moving to New York City this week, but they’ll be back to get married this October – I can’t wait for the wedding!

Sara + Dave – Married!

Sara and Dave had a garden ceremony in Tower Grove park last weekend with a reception at La Chateau in  Frontenac.  I think most of their family had camera envy – several of them were asking me what I was shooting with, and I overheard a few comments about the size of my lens.  Dave’s mom even caught a few shots of me throughout the night with her camera (despite my best attempts to hide.)  You have to love people who value photography!  Congrats to them, and I hope they are having a great time on their honeymoon in Vegas!

Sarah + Kevin Engagement

The rain around here is getting a bit nuts!  We rescheduled Sarah and Kevin’s photos twice already, so when the weather looked threatening again this week, we just decided to chance it.  The rain stayed away, but it was a bit muddy in the park.  Fortunately these two didn’t seem to mind – they still sat in the grass when I asked them to and didn’t complain. They were too busy smooching the whole time to worry about things like mud :)  Thanks to Kevin and Sarah for being such good sports – I look forward to shooting their wedding this August!

Elizabeth + Josh – Married!

The weather just held out perfectly last Saturday for Elizabeth and Josh’s outdoor wedding.  They were married at the Studio Inn at St. Albans.  The ceremony and cocktail hour were outside, and just as everyone was making their way into the tent for dinner, the thunder began.  Fortunately, everything managed to make it inside the tent and avoid the crazy rainstorm that ensued!  We even had a clearing later that night to do a couple of shots in the dark before I headed out.  It was lucky!  They are in St. Lucia on their honeymoon – I hope they can avoid the rain there, too!

Allison + Scott – Married!

Allison and Scott’s wedding last Sunday was one of the best parties I’ve been to this year.  The reception was at 9th Street Abbey in Soulard, and all the guests were having an awesome time.  They were all on the dance floor almost immediately (I’ve never seen a group of people so excited to hear Journey!) and they never left.  Because everyone was having such a great time, my second shooter Chris and I took a TON of photos.  We also did a Day After shoot in their hotel downtown, which was fun.  These two were a lot of fun – congrats to them both!