Sarah + Kevin – Married!

I spent 13 hours with Sarah and Kevin on their wedding day this Saturday – that was a new record for me!  But these two are so sweet and funny it really was a pleasure following them around all day.  I think they tried to feed me more than anyone else ever has (yes, I did eat dinner, I promise!)  And the way they interact made it impossible to stop taking photos of them – they are always kissing and hugging and laughing!  I also couldn’t resist taking tons of photos to show off Sarah’s super cute red shoes.  They were adorable!  Kevin and Sarah are enjoying a two week honeymoon in France and Italy (I am soooo envious.)  Can’t wait to show them all the photos when they get back – congrats guys!

[...] wedding images as a “Five Years Later” version.  (You can see a couple images from their wedding here, but since I spent an epic 13 hours with them on their wedding day, many of the images we recreated [...]

Elizabeth + Dan Engagements

We may have broken a few rules by climbing around on the sculptures at the Laumeier Sculpture Park (I swear I didn’t see that sign…even though I took a photo of it…), but fortunately no one was around to notice.  Elizabeth was really great about hopping up and down off those things, even though she was wearing a white dress – I appreciate her sense of adventure!  I hope they had as much fun playing around in the park as I did this weekend.  These two are getting married next July, so I look forward to working with them again!

Abby’s Senior Photos

Abby starts her senior year in about a week, so it was time for her senior photos.  We shot in Lafayette Park (a favorite of mine – especially because it is walking distance from my house!)  Abby was a total natural – I think she made mention of watching America’s Next Top Model a lot…whatever it takes!  She is really into cars, so we made sure to take some photos of her in the car and tinkering with the engine.  I had a great time shooting with Abby and I wish her all the best in Honors French 3 this fall :)

Amber + Ken Engagements

Amber and Ken had such great laughs today during their engagement photo session at the Laumeier Sculpture Park.  They just kept laughing, and I just kept shooting because those are some of my favorite photos.  We had to hide out from the rain in one of the sculptures for a bit until it cleared out, but overall it was fantastic weather (considering it is August in St. Louis!)  These two are getting married in Forest Park in May – I hope to see more laughter and good times at the wedding!

Kathleen + Alex – Married!

I think it was pretty clear to everyone at the wedding that Kathleen and Alex were very happy to be getting married (I’m not sure who was crying harder during the ceremony or having a better time dancing during the reception!)  Their ceremony in Belleville was followed by a reception at Kemoll’s at the Top of the Met.  The view from that venue is fantastic, overlooking the arch and the riverfront, which seemed to please the many guests that flew in from New York and hadn’t seen St. Louis before.   Kathleen and Alex are off in Bermuda enjoying their honeymoon before returning home to New York next week.  I’m a bit disappointed I won’t be able to see these two again in the near future – they are both so very nice!  Congrats to them, and best of luck in New York!