Jennifer + Patrick

I’m having a really productive Sunday, so I’m doing two blog posts today!  Jennifer and Patrick got engaged in Lafayette Park a year ago, so we went there today for their engagement photos.   I couldn’t resist putting a ton of their images in black and white – these guys just look so good in black and white for some reason :)  They aren’t getting married until October 2009, so I probably won’t see them again for another year.  They are such planners!

Courtney + Johnson – Married!

These guys live in Houston, and they just barely made it away from Ike for the wedding.  Some of their friends and family didn’t make it out for the celebration, but it was still a great party.  The ceremony was at the Old Cathedral, with a reception at the Lemp Mansion.  Fortunately the rain held off for the outdoor reception (something that the bride and groom were thankful for all night!)  For a few songs Johnson joined the band to play the guitar and sing – that really got the crowd going.  There were so many cake photos because Johnson didn’t quite play fair.  They did the traditional cake cutting, serving with forks and being very classy.  Then right after that (and after the videographer had left the area and could no longer document it) Johnson grabbed another slice of cake and attacked Courtney with it.  She fought hard, but in the end she did have frosting smeared on her face.  Honestly, it was pretty funny, and she had a good sense of humor about it.  Plus I got a lot of funny shots, so I’m for it :)

These guys are in St. Lucia for their honeymoon, staying away from Houston for a bit.  I hope all is well for them when they return!


Elizabeth is my album designer – isn’t she cute?  She needed an updated photo for her new website that is just getting off the ground.  Of the ones we took today in the park, this one is my favorite.  You’ll have to check out her site in the next few weeks to see which one she selects (this is where I would insert a link to her site, if I knew what it was!!)  I love Elizabeth because she keeps me from being totally bogged down in album designs – trust me, she does a better job much faster than I ever did!  Thanks Elizabeth :)

Stacy + Shawn – Married!

The storm clouds parted just in time for Stacy and Shawn’s wedding last weekend at Caroline Vineyards (now called Riverbend Chapel) in Washington, Missouri.  The ceremony ended up taking place during the most beautiful part of the day, with the sun shining down into the crowd and making Stacy’s necklace sparkle (according to Shawn, who said that was the first thing he saw as she came down the aisle.)  This is one of my favorite venues, so I had a great time photographing this wedding – especially because these two were so low-stress!  Congratulations to them!


Who doesn’t love puppies?  Bella is about 3 months old now – and so adorable!  She’s a golden retriever that a friend of mine just recently brought home.  I couldn’t resist taking some shots of her while I was visiting them in Peoria a few weeks ago.  She’s about 25lbs now, but she’s supposed to get up to 65-70lbs.  Glad I caught her while she’s still little!