Meg + Rusty Engagements

Initially Meg and Rusty wanted to go to a different location for their portraits.   I won’t say where it was, but it was a spot I’ve grown tired of shooting over the past few months.  So I tried to talk them into doing a more urban shoot and driving around town with me to find all the cool run down buildings in St. Louis.  Fortunately for me, they went for it, and the photos turned out awesome.  They climbed on all kinds of weird stuff (including a dresser someone was throwing away…) and waded through crazy weed patches for me, it was great.  At one point we were all so covered with these stick weeds it looked like fringe.  They couldn’t have had a better sense of adventure about the whole thing, and I think it paid off.

You’ll see these two on the blog again very soon – they are getting married this Sunday!  They really pushed their engagements to the last minute, but I’m glad they decided to do it.  Based on this session, the wedding this weekend should be a blast!

Jennifer + Christopher Engagements

Christopher claimed he would be happy if we got one single good image from our shoot today – hopefully he’ll agree we managed more than one :)  We wandered around the Grand Basin in Forest Park, getting a little hot and sweaty in the process, for some fairly last-minute engagement portraits (no worries Jenn, there are worse offenders yet to come!)  Towards the end they agreed to make some weird faces to make a kind of series.  I’m not showing most of them in case Christopher wants to hide the evidence…The wedding is in November, so I’ll be seeing these guys again soon – looking forward to it!

Lindsay + Dan Engagements

Lindsay and Dan are hilarious.  They were dancing, jumping, throwing each other around, playing in the fountain, and making the best expressions.  The shot of Dan cheering on the bridge happened after he beat Lindsay at that hand slapping game….what is that called, anyway?  It was so fun playing around with them in the park.  But before we headed to Forest Park we took a few shots at Dan’s firehouse – he’s a fire fighter in Granite City.  They had a bit of an audience, which means Dan will probably never live this down with the guys he works with.  I know the over-the-shoulder shot is a little bit of a repeat from the other day, but I could not resist it when Dan was in his work garb.  A family friend already snagged the job of shooting their wedding next September – I’m a bit bummed I don’t get to work with these guys again.  Oh well, it was a fun afternoon!

Valerie + Jeff

So Valerie is 5’2″, and Jeff is 6’4″…. this poses a few photography issues!  Fortunately this wasn’t the first time I’ve had to deal with a height discrepancy (why do the tall guys always date much shorter girls?)  They had to do a lot of sitting, and Jeff had to do a lot of leaning, but it really wasn’t too hard to get some cute shots of these guys.  We had a beautiful day to work with – I hope it is this nice for their outdoor wedding next June!

Emma + Carl – Married!

Truthfully, a few things went a little haywire at Emma and Carl’s ceremony last Friday.  There were some mix-ups with the music, a bit of confusion during the processional, and someone forgot to light the candles until the middle of the ceremony.  But I didn’t hear either one of these guys complain once – they were just happy to be married.  After dating for 10 years, I guess it was about time for them to get hitched, and they did so at the Resurrection Lutheran Church with a reception at the Two Hearts Banquet Center.  Emma and Carl are exceptionally sweet and considerate (no one has ever insisted I eat dinner so many times!)  Congratulations to them!