Bob + Betsy + Taylor + Elle

I’ve been photographing families full of little boys a lot lately – how nice to photograph a family with girls for a change!  Don’t get me wrong, photographing boys is a ton of fun.  But girls in little fall sweater dresses with bows in their hair?  Come on.  You know that’s cute.

These two images are some of my all time favorites.  The light – oh, the light!Bob is a lucky man to be surrounded by these three gorgeous girls.I just love Taylor’s blonde curls and Elle’s big blue eyes.Elle wasn’t completely thrilled with wearing her shoes.  She kept taking them off and tossing them aside.  Notice that in the bottom left image she only has one on.  I can’t blame her.  I much prefer to be barefoot, too.It’s not easy for a five year old to keep a squirmy one year old in place for photos.  (It’s not easy for a thirty year old to keep a squirmy one year old in place.)  Props to Taylor for giving it her best.

(Do people still say ‘props’?  Am I completely showing my age?  Hmm.)Taylor wanted to take some photos just by herself.  Here is her pretty smile….…and her silly face……and the genuine laugh that followed it.  I love that her tongue is poking out – that’s how you know it’s for real :)

Thank you for missing the first few innings of the Cardinals playoff game to take photos in the park with me!  For someone from St. Louis, I know that’s real sacrifice :)

Kevin + Sarah + Jonathan + Noah + Lucas

I’ve known this family since before they were officially a family.  I met Sarah and Kevin at a bridal show in St. Louis in 2007 when they were planning their wedding.  Since then I have photographed them a combined eight times.  Suffice it to say I like them.  A lot.

My trip to St. Louis was largely planned around the date these guys wanted to do portraits, which was on a day that the City Museum was open for a photo day.  Since it was Monday, Kevin and Sarah took the day off work, took the kids out of school, and met me in downtown St. Louis for an extended portrait session.

Since Sarah and Kevin recently celebrated their five year wedding anniversary, they wanted to recreate a few of their wedding images as a “Five Years Later” version.  (You can see a couple images from their wedding here, but since I spent an epic 13 hours with them on their wedding day, many of the images we recreated were not represented in the original blog post – there were so many photos!)

A few of the places we wanted to visit have changed in the last few years (like that cute ‘Please Don’t Litter’ sign), but I think we still managed to get much of the same feel as some of their wedding photos.  Plus three kids, of course.  :)

Why not lift both little ones at once?  Poor Jonathan’s is bearing the brunt of that idea!Kevin wanted to do a jumping shot, and somehow with a family of five they pulled it off.
I think this photo of the four boys belongs on Sarah’s desk.  (But that’s just me.)Lucas has grown so much since I last photographed him as a newborn.  Such a sweet little smile on that kiddo!Just because he’s 12 doesn’t mean Jonathan wouldn’t like to be lifted up like a little kid…
…it does mean Kevin might not be able to pull it off though.  ’A’ for effort.Off to the City Museum – but first a few portraits outside.  The one on the left is a recreation of one of their wedding photos.
Then it was time for the boys (Kevin included) to climb up and slide down everything in sight!After a little time at the museum, Sarah and I decided we needed to get these boys out into a park for some fresh air (and better light!)  I love how much fun this family has playing with each other.  They make it so easy.Still so happy and in love…This was an idea Sarah saw on Pinterest.  I think in theory the boys would be sitting politely and smiling at the camera, but I actually love that they aren’t.  To me this image represents this family:  Sarah and Kevin happily smiling while their boys dogpile in the background.  Love it.To Kevin and Sarah – as always, it was a treat to photograph your family.  Thank you for filling your Monday with play and letting me photograph it!


Sarah - October 16, 2013 - 2:46 pm

LOVE the pictures! We enjoyed spending the morning with you! You always know how to capture our family perfectly. Thank you for coming into town and sharing your talent with us. Who would have thought you would still be photographing us 5 years later, but it is always a pleasure. You will always count on us when you come into town! Thank you again Tracy for everything!

Sue + Nicole + Sean + Angela + Declan

I nearly forgot what a rainy day can be like in St. Louis.

You see, in Denver when it rains you can expect to see sunshine about an hour later.  That’s just the way it works around here.  In St. Louis, though, a rainy day can spread into a week without sun.  So waking up to a dreary sky on the day of this session meant trouble.

Angela and I were texting all day long, watching the hourly weather forecast and making backup plans.  At the last minute we called an audible and moved the session up a few hours to take advantage of a break in the rain.  It’s a good thing we did – big drops started falling down on us just as we were leaving (which was the time we had been scheduled to start.)  We may not have gotten that bright sunshine, but we did avoid getting soaked, and we still got some beautiful photos.

The bonus to a cloudy day?  Look at how those colors pop!  Gorgeous.Declan is the first kiddo I’ve met who actually likes wearing a hat.  Tiny fedoras are so adorable.Grandma time!How sweet is this little face?!And right after that sweet face came this one – monster baby!!Fortunately, Auntie Nicole was there to lend a hand when Little D needed a break.Gee, you can’t tell these three ladies are related at all, can you?These sisters are wacky and crazy and totally close.  Love it.Declan was dying to visit the playground, so Sue and Nicole took him off to play.While he was playing, I snagged a few photos of Angela and Sean alone.  They were just as easy to photograph as on their wedding day.
A little hide and seek…I can just hear the inner dialog in Declan’s head:  Did you know my mom is behind that tree?!?

It was such a pleasure to see this family again.  Thank you Angela for being so on top of it with the weather predictions!  I hope to see you guys again next time I’m in St. Louis!

Joe + Maggie + Nate

It pays to have awesome friends.

Maggie and Joe are good friends with Katie and Ryan, an awesome couple whose wedding I photographed five years ago and who went above and beyond taking care of us during our 22 Hour Layover in Miami last year.  In my book, good deeds like that deserve to be repaid, or in this case, paid forward.  I would have gladly given Katie and Ryan a free photo session as a thank you gift, but since they live in Miami that’s a little hard to do.  So instead I gifted them a session that they could, in turn, gift to someone they love.  (Who doesn’t love putting good karma out into the world?)  They chose Maggie and Joe, and their adorable three month old boy Nate.

We did this session on a blustery fall evening at Joe and Maggie’s new home.  They had just moved in two weeks before, and apparently Joe did a blitz on the crazy landscaping just the week before to get it under control.It’s a good thing he did – it made these grassy plants into a cool place to shoot!Nate is pretty sure Mom’s shoulder is the most delicious thing ever.He’s not so sure about this whole indoor photo thing, though.  Tiny hands…There’s a little touch of the smile!And like most good babies, Nate is totally a Mizzou football fan.  Excellent taste, little man.  :)

Thank you again to Katie and Ryan for being such great people, and thanks to Maggie and Joe for allowing me to spread some good karma in the world!


Adam + Lauren + Graham + Baby Bump

Can you believe Graham is already two years old?  He’s graced this blog a few times, but never has he looked like such a big boy.  And I do mean big – this little guy is tall!  Apparently the doctors estimate he’ll be 6’4″ when he grows up.  (I hope he doesn’t have to fly much as an adult.)

This family is expecting it’s newest member soon, so we spent the morning on their farm in Illinois taking some family/maternity pics.
Little man wasn’t too thrilled about having his photo taken, but it wasn’t anything a little time with the tricycle and some love from Mommy couldn’t help.
We gave Graham a few minutes to chill out while I photographed Adam and Lauren and the baby bump (a little girl is on the way!)Oh, why thank you for stopping by, little boy!

Don’t all pregnant women just wander around in fields all day looking at their bellies?  If you spend any time on Pinterest, you’d think that was the case.  Here’s to another pretty mama standing in a field…By this time, Graham was ready to be back in front of the camera.  He wasn’t so much interested in posing for photo as he was interested in playing.  I can’t blame him – this is a much more fun way to have your photo taken.The photo on the right just might be my favorite.Apparently Graham’s favorite thing to do is drive trucks, including Adam’s truck.  He likes playing in the driver’s seat.  Not sure where he is heading with such a serious look on his face.Thanks guys for spending your morning with me!  Can’t wait to meet baby girl when she arrives!