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Worlds Apart

In the early afternoon on June 1st, John and I piled ourselves and our bags into a hatchback Suzuki taxi headed for theView full post »


Month Thirteen Recap

Where We’ve Been Thailand, Cambodia and Nepal The Highs Bayon Temple at Angkor Wat.  This was my favorite of theView full post »



The phone in our hotel room jolted us awake.  As John sat up to answer it, I checked the time: 5:50am.  Who wasView full post »


Chitwan National Park

Many, many months ago, I read about Chitwan National Park in a book.  The author had such a lovely description of doingView full post »


Boudhanath Stupa

The ominous, booming chanting that is piped in through speakers surrounding the Boudha Stupa greatly enhanced inView full post »


Hindu Cremations at Pashupatinath Temple

Located on the banks of the Bagmati River just outside Kathmandu, the Temple of Pashupatinath is one of the mostView full post »


Kopan Monastery

This will be the view I remember from Kopan.  It’s another monastery, which we could see from the dining hall atView full post »


The Temples at Angkor Wat

While other ruins often take just a few hours to explore (for example Machu Picchu was just over half a day, and TikalView full post »


Thai Massage School

My body felt fatigued, my mind was swimming with all of the information I’d taken in, I’d already learnedView full post »