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Wadi Rum

Fresh from the Red Sea, John and I headed back into the desert for another night.  The visibility had cleared upView full post »


Snorkeling in the Red Sea

As we drove south through the desert, visibility just got worse.  It was the first day in Jordan in which the sky hadnView full post »


Camping at Little Petra

Little Petra is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a smaller version of Petra.  Used in ancient times asView full post »



We arrived at Petra at 6am.  The ticked office doesn’t open until 7am, but I had done my research and discoveredView full post »


The Ancient City of Jerash

How is it that Jerash is the most well-preserved Roman city in the world, and it isn’t even a primary touristView full post »


The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is one of the only bodies of water on the planet where I don’t have to be with the fish.  It isView full post »



Five countries in three days – I think that’s a new record for me.  Nepal, Oman, UAE, Qatar and Jordan.  View full post »


Abu Dhabi

One word has become practically synonymous with the United Arab Emirates (UAE):  Opulance.  While I would argue thatView full post »


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Have you ever wondered what places like the Taj Mahal or even Angkor Wat looked like in their heyday?  Visiting thisView full post »