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Why Almost All Of Our Photos Look Like This

People are afraid of my camera. It’s large, heavy, and looks expensive.  It has a big lens on it.  People areView full post »


The New Normal

My Facebook status updates have started to annoy even me lately. I must come off as so pretentious and flaunting.  View full post »


Ubud Sunset

What’s that?  You were just dying to see another sunset photo? Hey man, I got what you need.  Enjoy a nice viewView full post »


Villa Life in Ubud

I hesitate to call our place in Ubud a villa.  The word “villa” just conjures up an absurd picture in myView full post »


Waking Up in Bali

Our travel itinerary from Australia to Indonesia looked like this:  Wake up 4am, 2 hour train from Katoomba to SydneyView full post »