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Ashley + Donald – Married!

An hour before the ceremony was slated to begin, poor Donald had his wedding ring stuck on his finger. It was my fault,View full post »


Amy + Brandon – Married!

As soon as I met Amy and Brandon, I knew we would work well together.  They’re both incredibly sweet and theyView full post »


Lauren + Felipe – Married!

They met in a dance troupe ages ago.  Back then, they had no interest in one another.  But over the years, thatView full post »


Questions Your Parents Want Answered

Regardless of who is doing majority of the wedding planning, parents will always have a different set of questions thanView full post »


Sample Parent Album

Seeing as so many couples plan weddings from out of state, it just seems like a good idea to have as much information asView full post »


Lois + Jim – Married!

“It was like watching a couple of high school kids falling in love,” the best man teased in his toast. View full post »


Kayla + Bobby – Married!

The light in Denver is just different.  It’s not like the light in St. Louis, or most other places I’veView full post »


Cathy + Jason – Married!

Perched in white folding chairs at the back row of their ceremony site, they sat and watched the sunset.  The ceremonyView full post »


Have a rockin’ reception – guaranteed

Think of your guests a little like sheep.  Wedding guests will do whatever the bride and groom do.  You lead, theyView full post »