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Sean + Sarah + Anna

Anna just started walking, and she still kinda looks like Frankenstein.  I love it.  She’s also easilyView full post »


John + Janie + Jenna + Jessica

The day I photographed this family Jessica turned 5 months and Jenna turned four and a half.  A big day, to say theView full post »


Christopher + Jenn + Sean + Charlie

We lied to them.  Poor Sean and Charlie had started to turn red from the heat, and all they wanted to do was run in theView full post »


Tyler + Angela + Jackson

The last time I photographed Jackson, he was still a bun in the oven.  I finally got to meet him last week just as heView full post »


Kevin + Sarah + Jonathan + Noah + Lucas

If you’ve read my blog before, you know this family and all of its adorableness (particularly baby Lucas’sView full post »


Sean + Erica + Mackenzie

Mackenzie is 6 years old, which apparently is when the model gene kicks in.  I didn’t know that.  But let meView full post »


Sean + Katie + Morgan

Meet my (inherited) nieces and nephew.  We spent most of last week visiting John’s family in Wisconsin, and IView full post »


Meet Baby Lucas

Meet Lucas.  He’s the newest addition to this family.  He’s tiny.  Teeny tiny.  Technically, he wasView full post »


Patrick, Stacey and Thatcher

A rainy March day in St. Louis – what is a three-year-old boy to do? Stomp through puddles, build a fort in theView full post »