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Hannah + Gordon – Engaged!

Hannah and Gordon plan to tie the knot next year in Vermont, but they wanted to do an engagement shoot that representedView full post »


Kari + Sam – Engaged!

Technically, Kari and Sam are no longer engaged – as of Saturday night they are married and off on their honeymoonView full post »


Angel + Lance – Engaged!

Isn’t it funny how everyone knows what you mean when you say “The Prom Pose?”  You know what I’View full post »


Lisa + Ryan – Engaged!

I don’t really fit in at a 5 Star hotel.  I feel too young to leave my car with valet, out of place in what I&#View full post »


Leslie + Peter – Engaged!

When we brainstormed ideas about what to do for their photo session, Leslie and Peter wanted to do something true to whoView full post »


Olivia + Blake

16th Street Mall is full of oddballs.  Anytime I shoot on 16th Street, someone has something interesting (or largelyView full post »


Becky + James – Engaged!

Could someone tell Denver that it’s May?  We barely eeked out warm enough weather for Becky and James’View full post »


Stasha + Frank – Engaged!

Stasha’s patience waned.  As the wind flung hair across her face for the umpteenth time in 40 minutes, she letView full post »


What I learned as a bride – a few wedding planning tips

Wedding planning and I did not get along.  I procrastinated a lot.  I got frustrated and confused.  I cried (moreView full post »