Matt + Kayla + Owen + Bailey

Look at that adorable face!  Can you believe little Owen is already six months old?  (Actually he’s older than that now, but back when we took these photos he was six months old…like I said, I’m behind :))

We did a family shoot outside of Boulder to commemorate the occasion.  Owen is so sweet and good tempered, he was chill throughout the whole thing.

He did tend to get a bit distracted by all the tall grasses, but a little flying baby got his attention.

Time for an outfit change and a little walk.Just a little more flying baby for good measure…Owen has a little ways to go before he’s as tall as his daddy :)

I just love this photo – so sweet!

I have a thing for little feet and toes.  I thought it was just for newborn feet, but turns out six month old feet are still pretty darn cute!

 Bailey has a thing for licking Owen in the face :)  Try as we might, we still can’t seem to get the two of them to sit pleasantly next to one another and smile at the camera, like all those photos you see on Pinterest.  Perhaps this is just truer to real life with a baby and a dog.

Many thanks to Kayla and Matt for bringing their little sweetheart out!


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