Meet Owen Arthur

Meet Owen Arthur, the newest addition to Kayla and Matt’s family.  This little guy decided to greet the world a week early on November 22nd.  (Personally, I think he just wanted to be here in time for Thanksgiving.  What better time to meet all the family?)  I got to photograph Owen for the first time when he was just seven days old – freshly home from the hospital and still adorably tiny.

I think mom and dad are totally in love with their new little one – and can you blame them?  Look at that little face!  From the image on the right it looks like Owen is pretty in love with them, too!

Matt’s hands look huge compared to Owen’s little 6lb body.Nap time!Look at those little lips!  So sweet.You did good, mom and dad!
I just love photographing little hands and feet.  They will never be that small again.Just one more tiny hands photo……and one more tiny feet photo while we’re at it…

So much cuteness.  Congratulations Kayla and Matt!

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