Sue + Nicole + Sean + Angela + Declan

I nearly forgot what a rainy day can be like in St. Louis.

You see, in Denver when it rains you can expect to see sunshine about an hour later.  That’s just the way it works around here.  In St. Louis, though, a rainy day can spread into a week without sun.  So waking up to a dreary sky on the day of this session meant trouble.

Angela and I were texting all day long, watching the hourly weather forecast and making backup plans.  At the last minute we called an audible and moved the session up a few hours to take advantage of a break in the rain.  It’s a good thing we did – big drops started falling down on us just as we were leaving (which was the time we had been scheduled to start.)  We may not have gotten that bright sunshine, but we did avoid getting soaked, and we still got some beautiful photos.

The bonus to a cloudy day?  Look at how those colors pop!  Gorgeous.Declan is the first kiddo I’ve met who actually likes wearing a hat.  Tiny fedoras are so adorable.Grandma time!How sweet is this little face?!And right after that sweet face came this one – monster baby!!Fortunately, Auntie Nicole was there to lend a hand when Little D needed a break.Gee, you can’t tell these three ladies are related at all, can you?These sisters are wacky and crazy and totally close.  Love it.Declan was dying to visit the playground, so Sue and Nicole took him off to play.While he was playing, I snagged a few photos of Angela and Sean alone.  They were just as easy to photograph as on their wedding day.
A little hide and seek…I can just hear the inner dialog in Declan’s head:  Did you know my mom is behind that tree?!?

It was such a pleasure to see this family again.  Thank you Angela for being so on top of it with the weather predictions!  I hope to see you guys again next time I’m in St. Louis!

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