Joe + Maggie + Nate

It pays to have awesome friends.

Maggie and Joe are good friends with Katie and Ryan, an awesome couple whose wedding I photographed five years ago and who went above and beyond taking care of us during our 22 Hour Layover in Miami last year.  In my book, good deeds like that deserve to be repaid, or in this case, paid forward.  I would have gladly given Katie and Ryan a free photo session as a thank you gift, but since they live in Miami that’s a little hard to do.  So instead I gifted them a session that they could, in turn, gift to someone they love.  (Who doesn’t love putting good karma out into the world?)  They chose Maggie and Joe, and their adorable three month old boy Nate.

We did this session on a blustery fall evening at Joe and Maggie’s new home.  They had just moved in two weeks before, and apparently Joe did a blitz on the crazy landscaping just the week before to get it under control.It’s a good thing he did – it made these grassy plants into a cool place to shoot!Nate is pretty sure Mom’s shoulder is the most delicious thing ever.He’s not so sure about this whole indoor photo thing, though.  Tiny hands…There’s a little touch of the smile!And like most good babies, Nate is totally a Mizzou football fan.  Excellent taste, little man.  :)

Thank you again to Katie and Ryan for being such great people, and thanks to Maggie and Joe for allowing me to spread some good karma in the world!


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