Adam + Lauren + Graham + Baby Bump

Can you believe Graham is already two years old?  He’s graced this blog a few times, but never has he looked like such a big boy.  And I do mean big – this little guy is tall!  Apparently the doctors estimate he’ll be 6’4″ when he grows up.  (I hope he doesn’t have to fly much as an adult.)

This family is expecting it’s newest member soon, so we spent the morning on their farm in Illinois taking some family/maternity pics.
Little man wasn’t too thrilled about having his photo taken, but it wasn’t anything a little time with the tricycle and some love from Mommy couldn’t help.
We gave Graham a few minutes to chill out while I photographed Adam and Lauren and the baby bump (a little girl is on the way!)Oh, why thank you for stopping by, little boy!

Don’t all pregnant women just wander around in fields all day looking at their bellies?  If you spend any time on Pinterest, you’d think that was the case.  Here’s to another pretty mama standing in a field…By this time, Graham was ready to be back in front of the camera.  He wasn’t so much interested in posing for photo as he was interested in playing.  I can’t blame him – this is a much more fun way to have your photo taken.The photo on the right just might be my favorite.Apparently Graham’s favorite thing to do is drive trucks, including Adam’s truck.  He likes playing in the driver’s seat.  Not sure where he is heading with such a serious look on his face.Thanks guys for spending your morning with me!  Can’t wait to meet baby girl when she arrives!

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