Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue

Have you ever seen the traumatic Pedigree commercial?  If you’ve seen it, you know exactly the one I mean.  It shows cute dogs in a shelter, with a voice over describing how the dog doesn’t know how he got there, but he knows he’s a good dog and he just wants to go home.  I could cry just thinking about that ad.

Given my response to that emotionally manipulative dog food commercial, you can guess how I feel about rescue dogs.  Every one of these cute pups is available for adoption at the Ho-Bo Boxer Rescue.  Some of them have been abused and rescued, some were surrendered by owners for a variety of reasons, but all of them need loving homes.  I followed them around on their once weekly walk this Saturday in hopes of taking a few photos that can help them get adopted.

Even rescue dogs like having their bellies scratched…There were a lot of tongues wagging on Saturday…it was a hot day.Monroe and Madison are a brother and sister looking for a good home.  (They are above on the left as well.)

Monroe loves the pool.  But of course, after hopping out of the pool one has to clean off all the water and slobber.  Shake it off, Monroe, shake it off.

If you are looking for a furry companion for your home, check out the Ho-Bo Care Boxer Rescue’s website for more details on these and other pups in need of a home!

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