Month Fifteen Recap

Where We’ve Been

Greece and Italy.

The Highs
  • Swimming in the Libyan Sea and taking long walks through the scenic hillsides of Crete.
  • Enjoying the views over the Italian countryside from the villa in Santa Maria del Molise.
  • Scoring seats in Business Class Elite for our 10 hour flight home.  It’s a completely different experience up there.  (An awesome one.)
  • Arriving back in Denver and reconnecting with family and friends.  It’s so good to be around familiar faces and be able to have long conversations without the internet phone service dying on us.  We still haven’t seen most of our friends yet, but we’re making the rounds one by one, and I can’t wait to catch up with everyone.
The Lows
  • Hitting our travel limit.  I wish I could say we ended our trip at exactly the right moment, but I think one week sooner would have suited us just fine.  51 weeks might have been the perfect amount – 52 was just pushing it.
  • Missing the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany.  So close, yet so far…but that’s okay.  Italy will be there when we are ready to go back for a third visit.
Things I’ve Learned

Spending a month in Europe was wonderful, but reminded us of how expensive it is compared to the rest of the world.  For example, we spent the same monthly rent to live in a 500 square foot apartment in Crete as we did to live in our two story villa with living room pool (and 2 hour daily housecleaning service) in Bali.  Similarly, it cost the same amount of money to rent a motorbike in Crete for a single day as it did for two full weeks in Bali.  These two islands both have their own charm, but it’s amazing to me how much further your money can go outside of Europe.  (Crete did have much cheaper wine, to be fair, but that’s about it!)

Also, if you rack up good karma being nice to people around the world, you just might get rewarded when you are ready to come home and need two seats on a really full flight.  That’s pretty good motivation to be nice :)

What’s Up Next

Finding a place to live in Colorado and settling back into life in the US!

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