National Orchid Garden

My college roommate had a thing for orchids.  I remember watching her care for a plant in our apartment, misting the flowers with a spray bottle and watering the roots with slow melting ice cubes.  The effort it took to keep that little plant, with its one or two small blooms, alive and thriving was impressive.  That said, I can only imagine the care and work that goes into maintaining the National Orchid Garden in Singapore.  There are easily thousands of beautiful orchids of various colors and sizes on display in this garden.  The park is beautifully maintained, with waterfalls and archways throughout, and several little spots perfectly created for taking photos.A wedding florist would have a field day dreaming up centerpieces and bouquets to make with all the beautiful colors and patterns.  In the bustle of the big city, this garden was a fantastic place to spend a few hours.  The remainder of the Botanic Gardens looked beautiful as well, but it was far too large for us to explore in the small amount of time we had.  It was nice to see the park full of locals on a Saturday morning, picnicking with families, practicing tai chi and yoga, and playing with their kids in the grass.

And of course, here’s us, smiling with some orchids at one of the strategically placed photo op spots.

Apologies for the glut of flower photos – they’re just so pretty!  I promise the photos from the rest of Southeast Asia will not be so floral-centric :)

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