Month Eleven Recap

Where We’ve Been

Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.

The Highs

  • Teaching a yoga class for our Couchsurfing hosts in Singapore.  I love being able to share my skills with people around the world.
  • Vietnamese street food.  It’s seriously delicious.  Don’t even get me started on the coffee.
  • Cruising Halong Bay.  Gorgeous scenery, good company, and a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  • Buying custom made clothes and shoes in Hoi An.  The wonderful tailors in town can make anything for you at cheap prices, so I replaced some old clothes and falling apart shoes and John got a pair of silk pajama pants that are actually long enough for him.  Win!
  • Kuang Si Falls in Laos.  It’s just as beautiful as it looks in all the photos.  (Mine aren’t posted yet, but you can google it if you are impatient :) )

The Lows

  • Stomach bugs.  I spent our last few days in Bali ill with some sort of stomach flu, and spent most of our time in Laos (and the first four days in Thailand) laid up with food poisoning.  For March I spent 10 days sick – that’s a third of the month!  Yeah, I’m pretty much done with being sick.
  • Missing out on a few things I wanted to see and do in Laos because of above mentioned illness.  We did very little during our stay because I couldn’t get out of bed.  Not cool.

Things I’ve Learned

Since I can’t possibly express everything we’ve learned while traveling, this is usually a section with flippant little anecdotes about laundry and massages.  Please don’t think that is all I am actually learning about while we travel.  After chatting with people native to China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand for hours about education, government, healthcare, and culture what we’ve learned about the world in this month alone is astounding.  It’s also always fascinating to learn what the world thinks of the US (especially because nearly everyone says the same things.)  Needless to say, we’re learning a lot this year.

What’s Up Next

April is all Thailand.

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