iPhone Photos from Singapore

Plentiful free drinking fountains, a huge orchid garden, immigration desks with no lines that offer free candy, and clean and efficient public transit all before we even left the airport.  Oh Singapore, you had me at plentiful free drinking fountains.  After two months living in rural Bali, a few days in the big city was just what we needed.

In a country where citizens are glued to their iphones and ipads, it seemed only appropriate to document our trip with my own idevice.  I have real photos coming soon, but here are a few low-quality snaps from our weekend in Singapore, from top left to bottom right:

1)  A view of the endless skyscrapers that comprise this city-state of 5 million people.  2)  Kaya toast with runny eggs and sweet coffee, a standard Singapore breakfast.  We were a little impatient and didn’t let our eggs soft boil quite long enough, so our eggs were a bit runnier than average.  3)  Rows of escalators in one of the many shopping malls.  You can buy almost anything in Singapore, just not the one thing I was hoping for – a replacement Kindle.  Some weird copyright or government restriction makes them impossible to buy around here.  4)  A display of cream puffs in one of the many food courts.  Nearly every cuisine in the world is represented somehow in Singapore, and probably done with more zest and creativity than you’d imagine (such as thirty different takes on the basic cream puff.) They were delicious. 5)  The clean, super efficient, and ever polite MRT transit system.  6)  Chicken Rice, another Singapore classic dish.  7)  John playing Dance Dance Revolution in one of the arcades.  After watching an expert player get a perfect score on an 8 foot game, using both dance pads, poor John looked like a beginner.  If you’ve ever seen John play this game, you know the local guy was incredible.  8)  Dim Sum breakfast with Yee-Pin and Cheng, our Couchsurfing hosts.  These guys were phenomenal, and really made our experience amazing.  9)  View of the Singapore Flyer and skyline at night, from the top of the Swissotel Stamford Place.  Even though it was Saturday night and we were dressed like total bums, they let us enjoy the incredible view with a glass of wine at the fancy bar at the top.

More high-quality images coming soon!

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