Villa Life in Ubud

I hesitate to call our place in Ubud a villa.  The word “villa” just conjures up an absurd picture in my head, one of extreme luxury.  In my mind, villas exist only in places like Tuscany, amid sweeping views of the Italian countryside.  In my mind, rich people sit in the verandahs of their villas and drink expensive wine and eat fancy chocolates.  If you don’t have all of that, surely you aren’t living in a villa, right?

Now that I’ve typed it so many times, the word villa has lost all meaning.  Villa.  Villa. Villa.  Good thing there is Wikipedia to rescue me from my insanity and provide me with a (somewhat) accurate definititon.  It tells me that the villa was originally a Roman country home, which means my earlier visions were spot on.  However, it has now come to mean a tropical vacation home.  Well, in that sense of the word, we are living in a villa.

I’m not usually big on posting a lot of photos of where we live, but since I haven’t left the house for six days (due to illness and inability to ride a motorbike), this is about all that’s going on for me right now.  So welcome to my world.

Above is a photo of our outdoor living room.  It has a pool.  A private pool in your outdoor living room may be one of the greatest things ever.  (Unless you live in Denver.  Bad idea.)  Our little pool is surrounded by a small, but lush growth of tropical garden.  The garden insures that we share our space with lots of lizards and insects, and gives the bats a place to perch before they buzz over your head at night.

The kitchen, living room, and one of the bedrooms are downstairs.  There’s also an upstairs.
This is our upstairs terrace, complete with John hard at work.  The door leads to our sitting area, bedroom and bathroom.  For some reason, we have a massage table up there too.The view from the terrace is quite nice.  There are rice fields in all directions.  It was much more beautiful when we first moved in and the fields were lush and green.  They have since been tilled and look more like muddy ponds.  However, it’s still quite entertaining to sit on the terrace or in front of one of the huge windows in our bedroom and watch the world outside.  I like to watch the people working in the rice fields and try to figure out what they are doing (I have no idea how one grows rice.)  If no one is working, the ducks make for some good entertainment, as do the motorbikes that occasionally whiz by on the dirt track between them.  (Have I mentioned that I haven’t left the house for 6 days??)Our upstairs bedroom has a lovely little sitting area and a shower with a view.  The rent here also includes two nice people who clean the house two hours per day, six days a week.  It seems excessive, but a tropical home like this would be overrun by insects and birds if they didn’t clean it regularly, so it’s more of a maintenance thing than a service thing.You get the idea.

Not much to complain about around here, that’s for sure.  Hopefully this cold will pass soon and we’ll get out on the motorbike to explore more.

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