Sydney Harbor

Tatiana, Mustard’s owner, makes an excellent tour guide.

When we set up our housesitting arrangement with Tatiana back in October/November, we told her we’d be arriving in Sydney a few days early just to ensure nothing went wrong with missed flights from New Zealand etc.  She graciously invited us to stay at her house for the two days, and we graciously accepting, thinking it would be a nice way to get Mustard used to having us around and their house would make a nice base for us to explore Sydney before settling in.  We had no expectation that Tatiana would do what she did next – which was plan (and accompany us on) an entire day tour of her city.

Tatiana is from Brazil but has been living in Sydney for the last 8 years, and she is very proud of her new hometown.  Apparently she’s toured several family members around Sydney before, so she knew exactly where to take us.  For the first time in months we didn’t have to think about what we wanted to do – we just followed Tatiana around and enjoyed ourselves.  It was awesome.

The first stop on our tour was a cruise of Sydney Harbor.  Tatiana works for one of the cruise companies, so we got to toodle around on one of the morning harbor cruises for free (thanks Tate!)

Most of our days in Sydney have been cloudy and drizzly, and this day was no exception.  Off and on we’d see slivers of sunshine that made the entire harbor sparkle, bet they were too few and far between to catch through the lens.
Luna Park, an old amusement park, is considered a preserved historic site, and it cannot be altered in any way.  I think it’s kinda cool, but I’d bet there are a few people out there that wish it wasn’t such a prominent feature on the harbor.Fun fact about this beach: that’s a shark net.  Like, to keep the sharks out.  It seems like it’s probably more for show than anything else, but it kinda makes you think twice about wanting to swim at that beach.Beyond the lighthouse is the Tasman Sea.  We saw the Tasman Sea from the other side in Milford Sound.The sun began to come out in full force just after we hopped off the boat.  We didn’t have much time to enjoy it, though.  Tatiana had made a date for us to tour the Sydney Opera House, a date we’d have to literally run through the waterfront park in order to make.  (Totally worth it.)

You can’t deny the Sydney Harbor is a beautiful place (even in the drizzle.)  It’s not quite as clean and vibrant as, say, Auckland, but the Opera House and Harbor Bridge are startlingly unique fixtures that tip the scales back in its favor.  The Kiwis and Aussies have a bit of a rivalry that I wouldn’t want to fuel, so for now I’ll just say they are both lovely cities.

And for those readers at home who are members of my family, I will once again confirm that we are not relocating to either one.  So stop worrying.

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