Queenstown is the adventure sports capital of the country, if not the world.  Everything here is extreme.

Case in point:  Usually when you hike to the top of a mountain, you just enjoy the view.  Not in Queenstown.  Once you’ve hiked your way to the top (or taken the gondola if you have $26 to spare) you can luge, paraglide, bungy jump, bungy swing, take a helicopter tour, or mountain bike back down.  We just chose to enjoy the view and eat our packed lunch.  The mountain isn’t even that high above town, but the views are spectacular.

I think Queenstown would fit nicely into Colorado.  The town itself is very much like Vail or Breckenridge – except the lake is a beautiful vibrant blue.  The water in New Zealand is so clear and blue everywhere, I don’t know how they do it.There are loads of other adventure sports you can take part in here, like jet boating, canyon swinging, sky diving, river surfing…the Kiwis have thought of every way one could possibly throw themselves off something and offer it to tourists.

John and I have both been skydiving and paragliding before, and neither of us was interested enough in bungy jumping to pay the exorbitant fees.  Our mothers will be happy to know that we kept our feet firmly planted on the ground the whole time. :)

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