If Only We’d Had A Car….

New Zealand is one of the most consistently scenic places I’ve ever been.

If I’d stuck my lens out the window of a moving car, put the camera on endless motor drive, and held the shutter down for hours as we cruised around the New Zealand countryside, I bet I wouldn’t have ended up with one bad photo.  It’s gorgeous there.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a car window to motor drive from, let alone take a few choice snapshots.  Renting a car and filling it up with gas is very pricey here (think over $7/gallon for gas) so we opted instead to take buses at a much lower rate.  This meant neither one of us had to get comfortable driving on the opposite side of the road, and we never got lost.  However, it also meant we couldn’t stop to take photos every time I saw something beautiful (which was often.)  Instead, I gawked at the incredible views through the smudged windows of our bus, thinking longingly of the beautiful images that could have been.  Sigh.  There are worse problems.

The reality of this, however, means that much of the gorgeous scenery we saw went unphotographed – including much of Milford Sound, the entirety of the Gibbston Valley wine country, the drive up the West Coast on the way to Fox Glacier, and the spectacular sunset over Lake Hawea.

That said, I did manage to get a few pretty pictures.  But know that for every image I post there could easily have been 20 more – it’s just that beautiful.  Should you travel to New Zealand in the near future, I suggest renting a car so you can take in the splendor at your own pace – it’s how we’ll do it if we ever return to this part of the world.

Scenic photos to come soon.

[...] Sometimes I don’t even know a photographic experience is happening until it’s too late, and my camera is at the hostel or buried too deep in my bag to pull out in time.  Or I can tell something would make a great photograph, but the bus driver isn’t stopping for my creative needs (see all of New Zealand.) [...]

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