San Blas

San Blas is the neighborhood of Cusco in which we live.  It’s known as the more bohemian neighborhood around here, though I’m not entirely sure why.  I think of it more as the hilliest part of Cusco (which is saying something.)  Above is a photo of Plaza San Blas.  It has a nice fountain and square, where there is a marketplace of local artisans on Saturdays (that’s where John bought his alpaca slippers.)

Every street around here is narrow, cobblestone, and steep.  Many of the pedestrian walkways are just stairs.  Oh so many stairs.

Peruvian style barbed wire fence…?

These gorgeous doors are just down the block from our house, and we pass them daily.  They are very intricately carved and really beautiful.

The ubiquitous Quechua ladies with their alpacas…

Seriously.  Always with the stairs.  My calves and thighs will be rock solid by the time we leave here.

This is the view we walk by each day leaving our apartment to go toward the plaza for Spanish class or to get something to eat.  Most of the houses here are left unfinished while the families wait to save money to build the top floors.  Many of them have those metal pieces sticking out of the tops, or other signs of half finished construction.  You can’t quite see it, but there is a brewery down there that brews Cusquena beer on Wednesdays, which is actually quite good.

Can you tell how steep this hill is?  It just keeps going up.  We walk this nearly every day.

And another photo of Cusco from above, from the top of one of those many flights of stairs.  It’s very brown, but really beautiful.  They don’t get snow here in the winter, so the mountains stay brown pretty much year round.  Apparently in the summer it stays just as cold, but rains and hails.  I’m glad we are here for the dry winter!

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Jenny Whaley - August 30, 2012 - 8:02 pm

Love all the stories, thanks for sharing! You are such a great story teller and I, like all the others ,plan on living vicariously through you.

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