Kari + Sam – Married! Part One

Kari and Sam were married last weekend at an indoor ceremony and reception at the Westinin Downtown Denver.  Kari’s dress was, in a word, stunning.  So much so that while she was walking down the aisle a guest exclaimed out at her “You look HOT!”  It was a chorus heard throughout the rest of the day, alongside commentary that Sam was a lucky man :)

After the ceremony, we went through a marathon of family photos (Sam has a large family), and only had a few moments to do photos of Kari and Sam together.  It was dark and cold, and there was a fire truck outside blasting lights and alarms, but they were willing to venture into the streets to capture a few shots in the 5 minutes we had before cocktail hour ended.  It was one of the fastest couple shoots I’ve done, but I think we pulled it off.

Then it was back inside to the warmth of the ballroom for the reception.  More from that tomorrow!

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