Becky + James – Married! Part One

Can I say that Becky and James have good taste because they chose the same wedding venue that we did?  I think I just did :)  In fact, the venue was how Becky found me in the first place.  By googling Magnolia Hotel wedding photos she discovered our wedding images on Charlotte Geary’s blog and found a link to my website.  I’m so glad she did because I so enjoyed working with these two amazing people, and it was really fun to shoot at our wedding venue nearly a year later.

After a quick First Look we headed straight into portraits of the lovely bride and groom downtown.  Becky and James were blessed with excellent weather (and only a few drunk people harassing them while wandering 16th street.)  After the ceremony, we ran out before sunset for a few more photos with the wedding party, who were good natured enough to stand in a smelly alley for me so I could get my shot.  Thanks guys!

Stay tuned for the reception photos in Part Two!

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