Leslie + Peter – Married! Part One

They nearly got married in a parking garage.

Leslie and Peter had planned a lovely outdoor ceremony in the Rose Garden of City Park, overlooking the mountains and downtown Denver.  It’s a beautiful spot, but sometimes Colorado weather gets in the way of best laid plans.  Before the ceremony was set to begin, we took family portraits at the ceremony site.  As the portraits progressed, the view began to disappear.  First the mountains, then the city skyline, then suddenly all you could see was a looming dark cloud.  We decided to run for cover.

We found refuge in the parking garage for the Museum of Nature and Science, and waited out the storm.  But it didn’t pass quickly enough, and their outdoor ceremony had to be redirected to another location.  But where?  The officiant suggested the parking garage, since guests already knew to arrive there.  Leslie and Peter considered it for a moment, but we all know how photogenic a parking garage is.  So they opted to try the reception space, Mise en Place in the Ice House building downtown.  When we arrived I helped them scout for a location, and it became clear that Mise en Place didn’t have a suitable spot for a ceremony.  But the lobby of the building had potential, and despite the somewhat steady stream of restaurant patrons moving through the space, it was the best option.

And so, Leslie and Peter were married in the lobby of the Ice House building.  It might not have been the ceremony they planned, but these two hardly seemed upset about it.  In the end they still got to say their vows and exchange rings, so the ceremony was a success.

More on the party that followed coming up in part two!

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