Lois + Jim – Married!

“It was like watching a couple of high school kids falling in love,” the best man teased in his toast.  Clearly beyond the years of high school romance, Jim and Lois looked at one another, laughed and rolled their eyes a little.  But I’d assert that the best man was onto something.

Jim made cracks throughout the day about miscellaneous well-wishers assuming he was the father of the groom, rather than the groom himself.  Lois laughed with friends about the 8 grandchildren she was inheriting.  But despite the jokes about their ages, the energy running between Jim and Lois was similar to that of young love – giddy, happy to be married, and excited for what’s to come next.

I second shot this wedding  with Frances Marron at the Brown Palace.  I thoroughly enjoyed the evening spent with these two and their families, and I’m glad Frances brought me along.  Now that they’re both living in Colorado, Lois and Jim plan to fly around the world together – literally.  They’re both pilots, and share a passion for aviation.  I wish them many safe travels together in their future as a married couple :)

Stefanie - August 27, 2010 - 3:37 pm

How sweet! Love the photos, and I’m guessing he’s a Zoomie. :)

Katie - August 26, 2010 - 10:54 pm

After you told me about these two I had to come see for myself! they are SOOOOOO cute!! LOVE IT

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