Why you shouldn’t skip engagement photos

Engagement photos are not about pictures.  Well, they are, but to me that’s almost a secondary function.  The primary function of an engagement shoot is to serve as a testing ground for you to work with your wedding photographer.  This is SO important, and really shouldn’t be skipped.  What are the benefits of working with your photographer for engagement portraits?  Here are just a few:

Learn how to be photographed Were your last professional photos your senior pictures?  I suspected as much.  Since it’s been a while since you’ve been in front of the camera with a professional, you can take this session as an opportunity to learn how to be photographed.  You’ll learn how to pose with your fiance and how to relax in front of the lens.

Trust your photographer As a subject, it’s hard to visualize what the photographer is doing when they take certain shots (particularly if they’re laying on the ground, standing up high, or posing you in what seems like an odd spot.)  You’ll experience this during your engagement shoot, and get to see the results.  When you see how amazing that shot turned out, you’ll have no reservations about what your photographer does at your wedding – you’ll trust that everything will turn out great.

Get a sense for her working style Shooting style is an extension of personality.  You’ll see how your photographer works with you to get you to smile, how well they direct you for posed shots, and how they think on their feet.  You’ll leave feeling more comfortable with who will be showing up at your wedding and how they’ll work.

Learn how she presents images, and what she does to the files From this initial portrait shoot you’ll get an idea of how quickly your photographer edits photos, what type of Photoshop work they do to your files (if any), and how your images are presented to you.  You’ll know what to expect from here on out.

She’ll figure out your style Based on the images you like from your engagement photos, your photographer can take photos at the wedding that reflect what you like.  She’ll know if there are poses you don’t really like, angles that are favorites, and your style as a couple.  Your wedding photos will be more tailored to you, and just that much better.

The result of your shoot will be excellent images of you and your fiance that you can share with family and friends, and a stronger trust and bond with your photographer.  In the end, it will make your wedding day photos better, remove any stress you may have over your photography, and allow the day to move more smoothly.

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