Where are all the parents?

When you look through people’s family photo albums, what do you see?  Photos of kids.  Loads of them.  Kids opening presents.  Kids on vacation.  Kids sitting on a rock in front of a scenic view (that was always my parents’ favorite.)  Kids doing all sorts of things completely alone.  Where are their parents?!?

Well they’re behind the camera, of course – how else are you going to get enough photos of the kids, right?  What a bummer!  Many photos of my childhood are mysteriously missing my dad.  Of course he was there – he was just the only one who knew how to use the camera, so he rarely made it into the photos.  And now when I look back, my childhood looks vaguely dad-less.

Don’t let that happen to your kids!  Be present in some of the photos they will cherish later.  Just as you will want to remember what they looked like when they were kids, they will want to remember what you looked like when they were kids.  You aren’t the only one that will look back on your family portraits fondly.  The photos you take today will be your family history years down the line.

But how can you get photos with everyone in them?  Well that’s where I come in.  I can be on the sidelines taking great photos of your family, and no one will care that I’m not in them.  That’s one benefit of hiring a professional photographer for important events and weddings.  Take that concept over into everyday life and then you’ve really got something.  The result is photos of your family, looking like you and having fun – with no missing pieces.

Sheila - June 22, 2010 - 10:36 pm

I love this idea! I’m also all for the natural, unposed shots. It sure cuts out a lot of stress when photographing small children.

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