The Meyers Family

Sometimes all it takes to get great family photos is a long walk around the neighborhood.

When I showed up at Kate and Sam’s house, 2 year old Ophelia insisted we take a walk around the neighborhood, in precisely the way she wanted.  She was fairly insistent.  So we walked around the block, in the directions she specified, playing the whole way.  The result was a very happy Ophelia – with her bright blue eyes shining – and some very cute photos.  When she had directed us back home, we ended the night jumping on the bed, which turned into a spirited tickle fight and a bit of goofing around.  So much fun.

How cute are Ophelia’s little pink Converse shoes?  I guess have a thing for little kid feet and shoes – they’re so adorable!  :)

Elizabeth - June 19, 2010 - 1:00 am

This is one of my favorite posts to date. Simply amazing.

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