How to be photographed like a kid

Kids don’t know how to take great photos.  They don’t have to – all they do is show up, be themselves and someone takes an adorable photo.  It’s that simple.

But at some age, we all decide we need to be in control of how we look in photos.  We decide we have a “good” and “bad” side, that our hair must look a certain way, that certain angles make us look chubby.  So when a camera comes out, we start acting…weird.  We use our phony “camera smiles” that we’d never use in real life.  We wear clothes we’d never wear.  We sit in poses we’d never be able to get into without serious guidance.  And the result?  Well, it’s usually less than adorable.  Has anyone ever told you your “camera smile” makes you look really happy?  Highly unlikely.

So I invite you to revert to being a child for your next portrait session.  Give up the illusion that you can control what you look like in your photos, and just look like you.  Just have fun, laugh, and show your real smile.  Allow yourself to be photographed as you are, rather than trying to create a fictitious “perfect” version of yourself.  There’s no need – you look better as you than you might think.  When you get the photos back I guarantee you will get a much better result.

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