Matt + Kayla + Owen + Bailey

Look at that adorable face!  Can you believe little Owen is already six months old?  (Actually he’s older than that now, but back when we took these photos he was six months old…like I said, I’m behind :))

We did a family shoot outside of Boulder to commemorate the occasion.  Owen is so sweet and good tempered, he was chill throughout the whole thing.

He did tend to get a bit distracted by all the tall grasses, but a little flying baby got his attention.

Time for an outfit change and a little walk.Just a little more flying baby for good measure…Owen has a little ways to go before he’s as tall as his daddy :)

I just love this photo – so sweet!

I have a thing for little feet and toes.  I thought it was just for newborn feet, but turns out six month old feet are still pretty darn cute!

 Bailey has a thing for licking Owen in the face :)  Try as we might, we still can’t seem to get the two of them to sit pleasantly next to one another and smile at the camera, like all those photos you see on Pinterest.  Perhaps this is just truer to real life with a baby and a dog.

Many thanks to Kayla and Matt for bringing their little sweetheart out!


Kevin + Sarah + Jonathan + Noah + Lucas

I am severely behind on blogging, for a multitude of reasons.  One of those reasons definitely is not my lack of cute photos to post, however.  Here are just a few from a mini session in St. Louis with one of my favorite families.Handsome boys!Mom and Dad aren’t so bad, either…When I was done forcing them to sit on logs and smile, it was time to play.  Definitely the most fun part of the shoot for everyone.Bubbles!!!  Always a hit.It was so great to see this family again!  More sessions to come!

Meet Owen Arthur

Meet Owen Arthur, the newest addition to Kayla and Matt’s family.  This little guy decided to greet the world a week early on November 22nd.  (Personally, I think he just wanted to be here in time for Thanksgiving.  What better time to meet all the family?)  I got to photograph Owen for the first time when he was just seven days old – freshly home from the hospital and still adorably tiny.

I think mom and dad are totally in love with their new little one – and can you blame them?  Look at that little face!  From the image on the right it looks like Owen is pretty in love with them, too!

Matt’s hands look huge compared to Owen’s little 6lb body.Nap time!Look at those little lips!  So sweet.You did good, mom and dad!
I just love photographing little hands and feet.  They will never be that small again.Just one more tiny hands photo……and one more tiny feet photo while we’re at it…

So much cuteness.  Congratulations Kayla and Matt!

Alecia + Winston

 It couldn’t have been a more beautiful fall day in City Park.  Alecia and Winston live not too far from the park, so it’s their regular haunt for daily walks.  We couldn’t have chosen a finer afternoon to wander through the fall foliage and take some photos.

How could you not love Winston’s little face?  Such a sweet pup.

Seriously – how cute is this little face?And Alecia’s not bad either, right??  I love the image on the right.
So many beautiful leaves – we have truly been spoiled with a gorgeous fall this year.Winston loves chasing Alecia.  Nothing like a good action shot!Just hanging out by the lake, enjoying the views…

Thank you for sharing your afternoon walk with me, Alecia and Winston!

Bob + Betsy + Taylor + Elle

I’ve been photographing families full of little boys a lot lately – how nice to photograph a family with girls for a change!  Don’t get me wrong, photographing boys is a ton of fun.  But girls in little fall sweater dresses with bows in their hair?  Come on.  You know that’s cute.

These two images are some of my all time favorites.  The light – oh, the light!Bob is a lucky man to be surrounded by these three gorgeous girls.I just love Taylor’s blonde curls and Elle’s big blue eyes.Elle wasn’t completely thrilled with wearing her shoes.  She kept taking them off and tossing them aside.  Notice that in the bottom left image she only has one on.  I can’t blame her.  I much prefer to be barefoot, too.It’s not easy for a five year old to keep a squirmy one year old in place for photos.  (It’s not easy for a thirty year old to keep a squirmy one year old in place.)  Props to Taylor for giving it her best.

(Do people still say ‘props’?  Am I completely showing my age?  Hmm.)Taylor wanted to take some photos just by herself.  Here is her pretty smile….…and her silly face……and the genuine laugh that followed it.  I love that her tongue is poking out – that’s how you know it’s for real :)

Thank you for missing the first few innings of the Cardinals playoff game to take photos in the park with me!  For someone from St. Louis, I know that’s real sacrifice :)