Kira at Three Months

Can you believe it has been three months since Kira’s newborn shoot?  The time seems to have flown by, but she has made huge changes in the last three months.  She’s gone from being a smushy little newborn to a smiling, giggling, active little girl.

I didn’t buy many clothes for Kira before she was born since we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl.  What I did buy, however, was mostly blue and green simply because I like those colors.  So for the first few months of her life, I was accused of dressing Kira like a boy.  Not for this photo shoot!  We went all girly for this one with a pink hat and lacy shirt.  With a little help from people like Lindsey (who bought her this cute hat) and a lot of help from her enthusiastic Auntie Jen (who bought the super cute lace top among many other awesome outfits) Kira’s wardrobe is slowly starting to balance out from all gender neutral to more girl appropriate.

While she usually treats us to plenty of smiles and happy faces, sometimes she is nonplussed with my photo efforts.  Below is her duck face, which I totally love.  It’s just a little bit pouty and sassy.
She is acing tummy time these days.  It used to be a bit of a struggle, but now I get some smiles when she’s on her tummy, especially if she has a mirror to look at :)
More happy tummy time…So happy she could drool…and she does…a lot…The snow outside was just perfect for a couple of winter photos, so we put on her little fleece bear outfit.  John and I call it her Tanuki suit because we both played too much Nintendo as children.  Unfortunately, I think this was the last time she’ll be able to fit into the Tanuki suit.  Her little legs are so long she doesn’t fit in most of her clothes anymore – time for the six month size!
There’s that duck face again…
Outside we go for our first snow photos!  Notice how short those fleece pants look?  They used to be long on her…sigh.  Good thing we were only out there for a few minutes so she didn’t have time to get cold.And, of course, a snowy selfie.My parents got Kira a new play gym for Christmas, and she loves it.  She hasn’t quite sorted out that she can use her hands to bat at the hanging toys, but she likes to kick the pillars and watch them dance.  My family had a lot of fun watching her play with it on Christmas day.
Kick kick!  Right now she also loves looking at herself in the mirror, giggling at the sheep wall art in her nursery, and reading the book Eight Silly Monkeys.  I love watching her little face when we read to her – she looks at all the pictures and has such a good time.  I expect it will only get more fun as her attention span grows.
Since she turned three months just the day after Christmas, I also included my two favorite iPhone images from the holiday.  Somehow she managed to wear that Christmas onesie all day without spitting up all over it, and she loved her little elf hat.Kira has changed so much in the last three months, and I know more big changes are on the way.  There is so much to look forward to.  More photos soon!

Jenny Whaley - January 26, 2015 - 3:22 am

Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful pictures of Kira. I love reading your posts as well as the great pictures you have. Hope you are having (had?) a great time in Bali I believe it was. Cant wait to see the pics from the latest trip.

Charles - January 15, 2015 - 8:32 pm

Wonderful photos (no surprise there!) – thanks for sharing :) Great to see the whole family looking so happy, she’s a lucky girl. Take care, love from us both down here in NZ.

Matt + Lindsey + Alex

Matt and Lindsey are our neighbors, and their little boy Alex is just over a year old.  The four of us ventured over to our neighborhood park for some family photos before Christmas.  While I wouldn’t have minded a fun snowy shoot, it was nice to have a mild December day to play outside.

Everyone loves a flying baby – especially in that gorgeous evening light!

Alex has some serious eyelashes.No, really.  I’ve never seen such lashes!Look at those smiles!  Such a happy kiddo.Alex loves to ride on Matt’s back while he does pushups.  Right now that’s an extra 22lbs for Matt to be pushing up!  That’s a pretty good exercise routine :)I love both of these images.  So true to what life with a one year old is like.Time to play on the playground!  He’s just big enough to start using the swings and the slide.I think Alex is about 10 minutes away from walking…he is definitely getting close!Thanks for letting me document your family, Matt and Lindsey.  It was so fun to play with you in the park!

Hannah + Gordon – Engaged!

Hannah and Gordon plan to tie the knot next year in Vermont, but they wanted to do an engagement shoot that represented Colorado.  Few things feel more like Colorado than Red Rocks at sunset.  Even in December, Red Rocks is a gorgeous place to shoot with wonderful light.Their pup, Rubin, joined us for some photos, too. Rubin was dying to run free in the fields.  Thankfully, a friend of Hannah’s accompanied us for the shoot and could help burn off some of his energy between shots!I love all the wildlife at Red Rocks.  Such great textures to play with.Jay Peak is their wedding venue in Vermont.  This blanket was perfect for their Save the Dates!
A quick outfit change as the night set in – and the temperature dropped dramatically.  I don’t know how Hannah wasn’t freezing in this dress, but she pulled it off!

Congrats on your engagement, Gordon and Hannah!  I hope the wedding in Vermont is spectacular.

Owen Turns One!

A year ago this little man came into the world just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Back then he was just a tiny, wrinkly newborn.  Now he’s grown into a cheerful and active little boy.  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing him a few times now, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in a bad mood.  It’s all smiles with this little guy, which just makes my job so much easier.  Owen is definitely a kiddo on the move, however, crawling and exploring as fast as his little legs will move!
That’s alright – we tied some birthday balloons onto that crawler for a little extra cuteness!This isn’t your traditional family photo, but I just love it anyway.

Bailey made it into just one shot during this shoot.  She’s a sweet pup, but capturing the attention of a dog and a one year old at the same time can be a bit challenging…After our fun with the balloons at the park was over, we snuck back to Matt and Kayla’s house for a little cake smash.  You can’t call a one year photo shoot complete if someone doesn’t end up covered in frosting!

Happy Birthday Owen, and congratulations to Matt and Kayla for surviving their first year as parents!

Meet Kira Nicole

This sweet girl is the newest addition to my little family.  She joined us on September 26th, which makes her three weeks old today.  I can’t believe how much she has grown in such a short span of time!  Fortunately, I snapped a few newborn photos of her when she was just a week old, so we’ll have some evidence that at one point in her life she was in fact tiny….though not teeny tiny.  Baby girl weighed in at 8 lbs 11 oz and was 21 inches long, which doesn’t qualify her for teeny tiny status.  But we still think she’s cute :)I love baby feet, and Kira’s are no exception.The downside to being the photographer is that you are never in any of the pictures.  Fortunately, my husband isn’t afraid to use my camera now and then (with a little direction.)  Credit goes to John for the photo of me below. She already has her daddy’s long fingers and toes.Apparently they taste delicious.She may not be teeny tiny, but she is still all squishy and sweet.We have a bit of a tradition of doing self portraits with my massive camera, so of course our first family photo was a selfie.  Kira doesn’t look all that thrilled about it, but she’ll get used to them :)  (With a little practice I might even be able to get us all in focus, too!)


With a photographer for a mom, this little girl is going to be well-documented.  I’m sure you’ll see more of her soon!

[…] you believe it has been three months since Kira’s newborn shoot?  The time seems to have flown by, but she has made huge changes in the last three months. […]

Paul MacFarlane - November 13, 2014 - 1:35 pm

Wow. I’m so glad you two were born.
I’m so glad you two have invited this wee one into the world.

and I’m so glad there are no such pictures of me at this age. ; )

be you tea full images though.