Meet Kira Nicole

This sweet girl is the newest addition to my little family.  She joined us on September 26th, which makes her three weeks old today.  I can’t believe how much she has grown in such a short span of time!  Fortunately, I snapped a few newborn photos of her when she was just a week old, so we’ll have some evidence that at one point in her life she was in fact tiny….though not teeny tiny.  Baby girl weighed in at 8 lbs 11 oz and was 21 inches long, which doesn’t qualify her for teeny tiny status.  But we still think she’s cute :)I love baby feet, and Kira’s are no exception.The downside to being the photographer is that you are never in any of the pictures.  Fortunately, my husband isn’t afraid to use my camera now and then (with a little direction.)  Credit goes to John for the photo of me below. She already has her daddy’s long fingers and toes.Apparently they taste delicious.She may not be teeny tiny, but she is still all squishy and sweet.We have a bit of a tradition of doing self portraits with my massive camera, so of course our first family photo was a selfie.  Kira doesn’t look all that thrilled about it, but she’ll get used to them :)  (With a little practice I might even be able to get us all in focus, too!)


With a photographer for a mom, this little girl is going to be well-documented.  I’m sure you’ll see more of her soon!

Paul MacFarlane - November 13, 2014 - 1:35 pm

Wow. I’m so glad you two were born.
I’m so glad you two have invited this wee one into the world.

and I’m so glad there are no such pictures of me at this age. ; )

be you tea full images though.

Sean + Natalie + Kai + London + Bump!

I don’t usually let pregnant mamas wait too long for their maternity sessions.  Usually after 34-36 weeks, mamas start getting pretty uncomfortable and are less interested in having photos taken of them, so I tend to schedule maternity sessions for a time prior to that point.  So when Natalie called and said she wanted to schedule her maternity session during her 39th week, I was skeptical.  Certain she would be canceling last minute if we scheduled the session so late, I tried to convince her to do it earlier.  But Natalie would not be swayed – she was taking the MCAT during her 38th week and wanted to devote her time up to that point to studying.  Since this was Natalie’s third pregnancy I decided to trust her, so we put it on the calendar for her 39th week and hoped for the best.

Turns out, she was a total trooper.  Despite being just a few days before her due date and already 3cm dilated (!!), Natalie was game for anything.  Sitting on rocks?  Sure!  Picking up her two other adorable kiddos, Kai and London?  Sure!  Hiking around Red Rocks?  Sure!  She was seriously amazing.  I mean, just check out this beautiful mama!
Natalie is the kind of pregnant woman who just looks like she swallowed a watermelon.  Such a cute belly!What, don’t all pregnant women just sit around in fields when they are 39 weeks?You might remember Natalie and Sean from their wedding last year.  They always make my job so easy.I love having the other kiddos involved in the maternity shoot.  Their whole family is just so sweet.Kai insisted on showing me his dance moves – and he’s got a lot of them!Congratulations Natalie and Sean on your newest family member!


Matt + Kayla + Owen + Bailey

Look at that adorable face!  Can you believe little Owen is already six months old?  (Actually he’s older than that now, but back when we took these photos he was six months old…like I said, I’m behind :))

We did a family shoot outside of Boulder to commemorate the occasion.  Owen is so sweet and good tempered, he was chill throughout the whole thing.

He did tend to get a bit distracted by all the tall grasses, but a little flying baby got his attention.

Time for an outfit change and a little walk.Just a little more flying baby for good measure…Owen has a little ways to go before he’s as tall as his daddy :)

I just love this photo – so sweet!

I have a thing for little feet and toes.  I thought it was just for newborn feet, but turns out six month old feet are still pretty darn cute!

 Bailey has a thing for licking Owen in the face :)  Try as we might, we still can’t seem to get the two of them to sit pleasantly next to one another and smile at the camera, like all those photos you see on Pinterest.  Perhaps this is just truer to real life with a baby and a dog.

Many thanks to Kayla and Matt for bringing their little sweetheart out!


Kevin + Sarah + Jonathan + Noah + Lucas

I am severely behind on blogging, for a multitude of reasons.  One of those reasons definitely is not my lack of cute photos to post, however.  Here are just a few from a mini session in St. Louis with one of my favorite families.Handsome boys!Mom and Dad aren’t so bad, either…When I was done forcing them to sit on logs and smile, it was time to play.  Definitely the most fun part of the shoot for everyone.Bubbles!!!  Always a hit.It was so great to see this family again!  More sessions to come!